ESL offers a comprehensive array of Microbiological laboratory testing. All landowners and residences who install a new groundwater source for drinking water (drilled well, a new shallow well, a new driven well point or a new spring), or who deepen an existing groundwater source are required to test the water before using and continue to monitor. Many smaller systems using groundwater wells do not have permanent disinfection. This doesn’t mean that these sources are at risk, but they do lack the additional barrier disinfection provides. If you are worried about your well, we recommend sampling the well for E.coli bacteria.

These bacteria are good indicators that your source may be at risk. ESL is one of the leaders for Legionella testing. Legionnairs’s Disease is a serious type of pneumonia (lung infection) caused by legionella bacteria and found naturally in freshwater environments like streams. It can become a concern when found in water systems such as showerheads and sink faucets, cooling towers, hot tubs, hot water tanks, and large plumbing systems.

Additionally, ESL now offers a unique surrogate (testing for live, viable bacteria) testing procedure to access the risks present for the potential presence of an active virus on your work surfaces.